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Come to Folgefonna and have the coolest week of the year! Super nice park with lots of snow waiting for you !. New in 2022 is that 10-year-olds can also participate!


Those who visit Folgefonna always come back! We have been organizing the camp since 1995, and there are always things to do, and most of our participants come home with friends and memories for life! Parents can trust that their children are well taken care of, our employees and managers have long experience and provide a safe environment for the activities. Read more about our conditions further down. All campers receive a permanent contact person who can be reached by phone throughout the week.


Of activities  after coming down from Folgefonna in the evening we have 3 mini ramps, many large trampolines, windsurfing, kiting, swimming (remember swimwear), fishing, volleyball, football and playstation and xbox. All activities and the program in are  It is up to each individual to decide if they want to participate. But we demand that everyone must meet on the slopes every day, as we are all here to experience Folgefonna and have fun and learn new tricks from good coaches.


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In the camp area there are 2 large tents, which have both a kiosk and a café. There are also opportunities to cook in the cabins / apartments. But remember, there is no oven in the camping cabins, only baking trays. Everyone who wants our breakfast and lunch package must buy a food card at the camp on arrival for NOK 400. The card is valid for all camp days. Dinner can be bought at the camp, it costs 80 NOK per dinner. At 08.00 there will be breakfast with bread, fruit, yoghurt, milk, juice and hot drinks in the food tent. Here you can make your own lunch to take with you the mountain, which is included in the food card. From approx. at At 17 there will be a sale of hot dinner (not included in food card). We serve today's dish  as well as opportunities to buy burgers, sausages, salad, etc. Vegetarian food is not a problem for those who want it, but let us know in advance. In the kiosk you will be able to buy soft drinks, chips, chocolate, ice cream, sweets and more. It is also  opportunities to buy something to eat in the ski center's cafeteria  the mountain. After today's session, the bus drives down to the village  for those who want to shop in  Jondal center. We travel down to the village on Tuesday and Thursday.


Our main base is on  Folgefonn Hytte og Gårds camping. You then live in houses, apartments and cottages. Remember to bring a sleeping bag. You live with your friends. If you travel alone, you live with others who are at camp alone at the same age.


This year we are lucky to have Kvamnet on our team! They are the main sponsor of the camp. Kvamnet connects us to their fiber network, so you can keep your friends updated on social media!


-Warm clothes - remember that it can snow on Folgefonna in the summer!

-Pocket money for food and sweets - we only take cash and Vipps!

-Rainwear and rubber boots - remember that we are in the west country!

-Ski / snowboard equipment - this can also be borrowed for free!

-Sun cream with a high factor - the sun is strong on the glacier!

-Camera - good summer photos are nice to have!
-Evt. fishing rod - there is a lot of trout in the water!

-Evt. skateboarding and protection

-Evt. wetsuit for wakeboarding

-Mobile, tablet and chargers

-Sleeping bag and pillow

-Summer clothes




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If there is any information you do not find on these websites, just get in touch and we will inform you as best we can. At 907 80 145




Folgefonna Snowboard and Ski Camp is a drug-free event that is best suited for young people from 10 to 17 years with interests in action sports. There is full speed every day with activities at the ski center where you ride with good trainers, as well as other fun activities in the evening. 



Start: June 27, 2022

End: July 2, 2021 at 11:00

Registration deadline: 1 May 2022


The camp costs 4800, - per participant
and can:

-Lift pass
-Transport from the camp to the ground


Espeland Farm
Folgefonna Camp House

5627 Jondal


During the camp, your child will participate in training in the mountains and many activities. Participants with a food card (NOK 300) will be served a good breakfast and you will have lunch that you take with you to the mountains. We serve dinner from 60 to 80kr. For all meals, there are options for allergy sufferers, vegetarians or people who, for reasons of life, do not eat certain foods - just remember to write this in the registration. We also have a kiosk where you can buy sweets, soft drinks and snacks. We also accept payment with Vipps here.

Everyone sleeps in cabins and farmhouses, and you must remember to bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag. You live with those you want!


We set up our own bus to the camp which runs round trip between Lillehammer and Folgefonna via Oslo. This costs 950, - round trip. We pick up those who come by bus and ferry from Bergen in the center of Jondal. Click HERE to read more.


Throughout the camp, we have people in charge who look after the children and several of the adults have first aid and lifesaving courses. In addition, we have our own HSE manager throughout the camp. We would very much like to have your children visit and are very concerned that the camp should be a safe and positive experience for all participants. It is perfectly fine to contact us by email or phone both before, during and after the camp. During the camp we will have a hotline we are available around the clock. You may also want to equip your child with a cell phone in case of acute homesickness or you need to contact them directly.


It is important to us that you feel that your child is safe at the summer camp and that you trust us. If there is any information you do not find on these websites, just contact us and we will inform you as best we can. Contact the responsible manager Pål Bentsrud, tel. 90780145 or



For those of you who want a quiet and relaxing trip to Folgefonna, it can be a good alternative to ride our bus.

We drive from Lillehammer via  Oslo  every week the camp is held. We stop at several places on the road, below you see the relevant stops.

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Departure 27.6.2022  


Oslo, Hotel Atrium Vika by Aker Brygge: 09.00

Sandvika Station by the taxi rank: 09.20

Asker Station: 09.45

Drammen Bus Station v / Circle K, Strømsø: 10.15

Langelva / Hokksund: 10.40

Kongsberg, outside Kongsberg Kino, Nymoenstorg 4:  11.00

Notodden: 11.45

Seljord. 13.00

Haukeligrend: 14.30

Estimated arrival at  the camp is no later than 17.00



Saturday  July 2, 2022 ca. at 19.00 in Oslo at Hotel Atrium

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